What Women Imply In Silence Essay

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While walking through a random office the individual would see a multitude of women suggesting many things through their appearance, while all the men in the office will have the same style of slacks, dress shirt, and shined shoes. There may be slight variations in the men’s looks, but none of those variations compares to the variations evident in women.
Deborah Tannen uses her essay “There is no Unmarked Woman”, published in 1994 within the book Talking From 9 to 5, to bring forth the idea that in the professional, working world all men are unmarked basic molds of each other while women mark themselves through the use of particle in linguistics, way they look, fill out a form, and change their surname after marriage. Tannen starts her
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is traditional and conservative, Ms. is open-minded or unruly (143). Tannen uses biology to further support her issue with Ralph Fasold’s idea of the X-chromosomes and Y-chromosomes, along the studies of lizards and bees.
Although Deborah Tannen does an effective job of pulling her readers in with creative ideas, she ultimately loses her audience through a weak use of logos within the essay. The broad idea Tannen presents on marked women is easily accepted and has effective support throughout her writing: looks, titles, and particle endings. A portion of her logic distracts from her main point and confuses the reader: use of biology, lack of specifying the environment of her observation, and the use of an irrelevant personal experience.
Tannen’s basic idea of the marked and unmarked sex is easily seen on television shows as well as real life offices. The business world is full of men in suits and ties, with the standard short hair and trimmed beard. Males in an office are like worker bees in a hive: impeccably similar with minor variations so that an experienced eye can tell them apart. Women workers on the other hand are easily spotted in the crowd and easy to differentiate from each other. When walking through an office the women are always the first to stick out and it is only later on, if at all, that men start to be distinguished.
Before being placed in the work force individuals must apply for the job. This is when

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