Essay about What were some conflicts involved in the Iranian Revolution?

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During the Iranian Revolution, there have been a lot of conflicts with other countries. I think that during this revolution period, the most conflicts involved are with The United States of America, and The Republic of Iraq. Compared to other countries, The US and Iraq interfered with the Iranian Revolution the most and they had played important roles in Iran’s history.
The Islamic Republic of Iran and The Republic of Iraq disliked each other from a long time ago, even sometimes today. The Iran and Iraq border does not allow pedestrian trespassing, the Iraqi soldiers stand in a whole line guarding the Iraq side at the border, and Iranian soldiers stand in a whole line guarding the Iran side at the border. Unlike the border between Holland
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Another major conflict between the two nations was the Iran-Iraq War, or the First Persian Gulf War. It lasted from September 1980 to August 1988, making it the 20th century’s longest war. The Iran-Iraq War began when Iraq attacked Iran from both air and land on 22nd September 1980, and followed a long history of border disputes. Iraq took advantage when attacking Iran, since they attacked them when the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was still going on. Iraq took advantage of Iran’s revolutionary chaos and attacked Iran without a formal warning. The Iraqi Air Force launched air strikes on ten Iranian airfields, with the goal of destroying the Iran Air Force. The attacked damaged some of the Iranian Air Force Bases, but they didn’t destroy a significant amount of aircraft. This was the start of the war. As in the book we have read, “Persepolis”, we know that the Iraqi Air Force bombers had bombed Marjane’s neighborhood and the bomb landed right next door to their house, this was also showing that Iraq was taking advantage while the Iranian’s were protesting to replace the Shah. During this time period, Iran lost a lot of land territories, but Iran had successfully regained all the lost territories in June 1982.
The United States of America also played an important role in Iran’s history. The United States had been involved in the Iran-Iraq War, or the First Persian Gulf War. On 3rd of July 1988, the American cruiser USS

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