What Volunteering Can Teach You Essay

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Volunteering enables an individual to make a positive impact on his or her community, while empowering the individual to better his or her life. This summer, I had the opportunity to volunteer at many diverse locations. From the hospital to the local library, I truly value my experience and treasure everything it has thought me. Volunteering lets us experience and learn things that we otherwise would not have learned; volunteering opens doors for us that we may not have been able to open before. Volunteering provides us with guidance and tolerance which we may use in the future to aid us in our decisions. At first glance, volunteering may seem to only benefit those who are helped, but on a deeper level, one can realize that …show more content…
Volunteering teaches an individual to value his or her contributions to society, thereby raising the self-esteem and self-worth of the individual. When the volunteer sees the lives that he or she has touched, the volunteer will yearn to touch the lives of even more people. This motivates the individual to be a more compassionate person every day. Moreover, when the volunteer realizes how much he or she is appreciated, the volunteer will have a better self-esteem and will approach life’s challenges with a new-found confidence. When the volunteer notices all the good he or she has done, he or she will develop a strong sense of achievement. The volunteer can then carry this sense of achievement onto his or her daily life. The volunteer will be more confident when attempting new things and will be motivated to do the best he or she can do.
Volunteering teaches an individual to be tolerant and to be more social. A volunteer will meet many different people from all walks of life. This prepares a volunteer to be comfortable interacting with people who live lives that the volunteer finds peculiar or unconventional. A volunteer also will work with people that he or she has never worked with before. For instance, a young volunteer may find himself or herself surrounded by adults. In the past, the volunteer may have never worked with an adult, and at first working with an adult may seem intimidating.

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