What´s Mobile Health? Essay

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mHealth which stands for Mobile Health, is a term used for practicing public health and medicine using mobile technologies. The health sector in the emerging markets faces many challenges like high disease prevalence, low number of health care workers and limited financial resources. Even though the remote areas of the emerging markets lack in modern technologies like internet the Mobile Technology has been an exception. Mobile Phones have managed to reach even the remote areas with people having low or middle-income. This rapid rise in mobile phone penetration has motivated the idea for combining the mobile technology and the health sector. This led to the idea of mHealth.
Education and awareness
Mobile phones have been used as vehicles
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Most post-paid mobile users have unlimited SMS access and even the pre-paid services have affordable SMS packages.
Point-of-care support & diagnostics
Mobile devices and tablets can be used to provide services and health advice to the patient at the time of need.
Example: Fitun Warmline AIDS Hotline – is a toll-free helpline where health-care professionals can receive information or ask questions about HIV/AIDS care and treatment. This program is supported by the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) and is currently functional in Ethiopia. CHMI provides publicly accessible information resources which is affordable and accessible by the poor people. Their primary source of funding is through donations and government funds. This program was started in May 2008.
Problem addressed: Ethiopia has limited education opportunities, limited communication infrastructure and inadequate resources, due to which the health care professionals find it difficult to stay up to date on the latest information about HIV/AIDS. The Fitun Warmline guides them by providing real-time assistance with clinical decision.
Strengths of this technology: This program covers the core competencies like local, affordable, adaptable, mobile, and human-centric. The latest information is provided to the local health care professionals. Since it is a toll free line information assistance can be provided anywhere free of cost.
Example: Screening for oral cancer – Two hospitals in India have

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