What´s Digital Portfolio? Essay

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A digital portfolio can show a potential employer a number of things that a paper portfolio or resume cannot portray. Whether it provides an employer a detailed look into a candidate for hire or gives parents and teachers some valuable insight on the student’s college education to be able to discuss and help them in making decisions in their college experience. Also on the education note, teacher portfolios are being used prominently in colleges and universities. E Portfolios are used by professionals and employers to gauge whether a person is eligible for hire. The lower end of the portfolio spectrum would, in my opinion, be Facebook or Twitter, where people develop a more personal portfolio and can show their own story. A …show more content…
It can also illustrate his or her growth and give comparisons if maintained over the life of the student’s education. The teaching portfolio brings a place of information about the teacher’s most significant achievements from the classroom. It is used for promotion decisions and it provides a structure for teaching areas that are in need of improvement. In an article from Teaching portfolios: A positive appraisal by Peter Seldin, he states, “HISTORIC CHANGE IS TAKING PLACE IN higher education: teaching is being taken more seriously. Countless colleges and universities are re-examining their commitment to teaching and exploring ways to evaluate and reward it.” A professional digital portfolio or an E portfolio is recommended for those looking to make a career change, returning to a career or just starting a new career. A friend and colleague of mine, Wendy Tennant prefers for an applicant to have a digital portfolio, she thinks it gives an advantage to the person and can highlight certain talents, knowledge of industry and professional skills. It provides a look for potential clients or employers to view their professional achievements. She also is of the opinion that the person with the digital portfolio stands out among candidates applying for a job who do not have one and it will increase the interest an employer has for that person. This portfolio can also be suited to a specific industry in order to show the persons interest in that particular

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