What Parents and Students Search for When Choosing a College Essay

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College is a place where your parents send you right after high school in hopes of you bettering your education so that you can provide for yourself in the near future. Most students don’t just jump right into a school; they do a bit of research first. The main point’s parents and students search for when choosing schools are the retention rates, the location of the campus, programs of study the college offers, and the safety and crime rates. Many parents and students look to other students that have attended that college or university for help and guidance. Many sites like College Prowler, and Georgia College 411 aide in showing the rankings of colleges. On College Prowler, there are many rating categories like academics, campus housing, …show more content…
According to the Department of Education, between the years of 2005 and 2007, there were more than 100 murders, 16,000 assaults, and 10,000 forcible sexual assaults reported on various college campuses in the United States. The number of incidents on campuses continues to grow every year. If colleges really push for campuses to be considered safe, why do the numbers continue to grow every year? Many students including myself ask this serious question every day. As I mentioned in the earlier in the paragraph, assaults and sexual assaults were the two types of assaults that happen the most on campuses in the US. In recent years this number sky rocketed. College campuses house a large amount of women that are susceptible to sexual assault and other types of assaults. The risks of college women being sexually assaulted are greater than women in the general public and the same age group. College women are more susceptible because they come in contact with young college and non-college men many times on a college campus whether in private or in public. Bonnie Fisher and her colleagues created a study to survey the amount of violence against women in the United States. The study estimates that the women at a college that has 10,000 female students could experience more than 350 rapes a year. Bonnie Fisher also found that many women do not report their sexual assaults for a number of reasons. These women feel like it would be embarrassing, they do not fully understand the

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