What Makes a Good Leader? Essay

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What makes a good leader? It depends. Most organizations look for individuals that have something to offer when they look at credentials or a great interview but looks can be deceiving does a good manager necessarily mean that a good leader I do not think so. Leadership is a topic that will have to be address by every organization .In my opinion no organization will be able to prosper without good leadership. Even though no two leaders are they, same there are plenty of leadership styles and as leaders we have to have to have experience and time to grow and we will eventual find out what type of leaders we are. I work in a school system where I am a parent Liaison and I work with parent. Even though I’m not their boss …show more content…
She has that type of influence. Is it that in today’s workplace that women are treated different from men in the upper management position? As long as I can remember men have been given the high quality positions over woman. Even in the corporate world when you hear the expression boss people automatically think that it pertains to a man. Even in today business, to some extent I do not feel that women get the same admiration that men do. I personally think that there are just as many qualified women as there men and we can achieve goals that an organizations require of men I think sometimes we are at an advantage .Women of today still don’t get some of senior position that some of us well deserving women deserve. I am writing this so that people will be able to look back and say you know what she is right. I took the time to analyze my working environment first; I observed how the upper management seemed to be working to me. In my building, the principal is female, the two vice-principals are spilt one women and one man, often the male tends to take control over the meeting that have been set up and designed by the women. When community enters the building unless they know exactly who the building principal is they always automatically assume that it the man, why is that? As long as I can remember, most people have come to the conception that men are made to be in charge. Maybe in some cases however this bias

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