What Is the Objective of Education? Essay

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Education is simply one feature of society and socialization. It involves the gaining of knowledge, both formally or informally and learning of skills. It often helps to shape beliefs and moral values.

Durkheim thinks that education as the transmission of society's norms and principles. Education, particularly the teaching of history, provides a link between the individual and society. If history of a particular culture is bought alive to children, they will come to see that they are part of something superior to themselves and build up a sense of dedication to the common group. A clear example of this can be seen from the educational practices in the USA, where students are thought about things that personify the American values of
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Durkheim believes that school rules should be enforced Punishment should reflect the seriousness of the damage, and in this way pupils would come to learn that it was wrong to act against the interest of the social group.

For Parsons the education system represents one of a number of inter-related and inter-dependent institutions in society. Each institution has a different set of purposes and hence "needs." Institutions such as the family, education, work and government perform different functions and although these functions will overlap, each institution is somehow unique. Parsons' argument is that there is a clear "fit" between the ways in which institutions such as the family, education and work develop. We can express this idea thus work needs trained people, specific skills and socialised people. The family purpose, in Parsons theories, is for primary socialisation, basic literacy and care, while the education purpose is for secondary socialisation, vocational training, academic training and selection of individuals. The basic argument here is that education develops and co-ordinates human

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