What is Style? Essay

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What is Style?

What is style, and how do we know when we have a style that is all our own? This is one thought that I ponder on cloudy dreary days, and when I have nothing better to do than think. In all actuality, do we even have a style we can call our own, or are we a conglomeration of what we like in the people around us? I would like to think I have my own style, but then reality sets in, and I start to realize I'm a clone of all the people I admire, and desire to be like. I has taken me a long time to realize that no matter how hard I tried to be my own person, I was still following in other peoples footsteps.

When I was in high school, I did all I could to remain in the "in" crowd. But if you were to ask me if I had my own
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I don't think I want to go much further than this in telling what all happened at the mall. Besides, that would, and could be a whole different paper. This encounter started me to think about style, and how we find and receive the style that we call our own. What style all comes down to is depending on the age, or social group, we all have a different style. I also learned that no matter how different we think we are, the more we are like other people.

For example, look at the arts of tattooing, and body piercing. These are two different styles that have spread like wild fire. I bet the first person to get a tattoo or some form of body piercing had a style that no other person had. But if looking around, one can see that there are many people with tattoo's, and piercing. I guess the style comes in to play on how the individual decides to display their arts in size, and severity of the piece.

Another style that I would like to look at is that of music. There are many different types of music, and sometimes I think they are all very similar. I think for the most part, music is a very powerful form of media, but I'm not sure if music is as different as we think it is . I think some forms of music is able to express some of the feelings we have, or are experiencing, but then there is some music that makes us wonder what sort of drug the artist is smoking. I feel music is a stress releaser, and builder of confidence. There are many times when I have turned to music

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