What is Meant by Religion? Essay

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What is Meant by Religion?

A person's religion is his or her set of beliefs about the supernatural which provide meaning, purpose and an overall set of principles to the believer. A common dictionary definition expresses this well: "Belief in and reverence for a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe" (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition).

The relationship of the believer to these beliefs is critical and necessary, as is the supernatural component, most commonly being the belief in God. It is widely popular to use the term religion to denote any and all sets of beliefs, rules, or principles that anyone may use to guide his or her life, but a definition
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If a person ceases to believe in a religion, that person has given up all of the things that might religion offer, ranging from community to consolation in the face of death. If the former member of the religion takes up political activity as a replacement for the sense of community that the religion had provided, that does not mean that politics is therefore a religion. The same person may become at peace with mortality through an appreciation and connection with the younger generation, but this, again, is not enough to make that a religion. If I cease driving a car, and ride a bicycle instead, I am not able to say that the bicycle is now a car, especially since there are things that I am simply no longer able to do with the bicycle that I could with the car, meaning that the role played formerly by the car is really only partially fulfilled.

Like automobiles, religion is something many people who have it cannot imagine how anyone could live without it. If throughout a person's entire life, as far back a their earliest memories, he or she had been told that there is a God who cares about each of us and who has a purpose for everything, it is understandable how that person would take that belief for granted. It is such an ingrained component of their thinking that they cannot imagine that anyone literally is able to function lacking this basic attitude. Yet there

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