Essay about What is a Just Society?

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The challenge is to describe what I would include in a “just society”. Most would find that an easy thing to describe given all the misery and injustice that is commonly displayed daily in countless ways across the globe. Though, philosophically, one would have to give thought to many considerations in regards to numerous variables and conditions that society is currently in the grips of.

Conversely, I would be hard pressed to put into three paged what I feel would make a “just society”. This would be due to the fact that, I am in the process of enlightenment of my own consciousness through the teachings of Buddhism and the “power of attraction”, directing my own positive thoughts into the airwaves of the connection, that we should
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For me ,I believe that the Bible and other religious writings are very comprehensible guides for living a just life. Which, also, along, with politics, religion is a subject that I talk about in rare company. I do not agree with the idea of a benevolent or otherwise entity that watches over all the destruction and madness that transpires in this world, that this being, nonetheless, created, who has omni powers, though, does nothing to stop the madness. I, do, however, believe that a person can be spiritual and attempt to bring that spirituality to the highest levels possible for that individual.

Accordingly, this is why, I made the statement, that it would take generations for my ideal “just society” to be a realization. For example,when one allows their spirituality, which, we all have, to transcend to higher levels, one understands the connection that is within the universe and how one is connected to this. Once one transcends to higher levels of consciousness, is is unthinkable not to include the welfare of all that “is”, into the thoughts that one has in, relation to doing “just” actions and wanting justice to be the natural way of life.

According to “the

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