What Effect Have Games and Gaming Had On Society Essay

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In the 1980’s video games became vastly popular and its market boomed. Since this time the market has continued to grow, making it one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the modern day. There has been much speculation on the effects that both games and gaming have had on society as a whole.
Games were first invented in the late 1940’s being found on mainframe computers. The first commercially viable game was computer space in 1971 a coin operated arcade version of an earlier game called Spacewar! And was the first mass produced video game with 1500 copies.
As games progressed so did their influence, effecting further generations. The effect that games have had on this generation is hotly debated. However it has not just been
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According to sources the pair attained a copy of this game and created user made levels for them, which they posted on their website which eventually evolved to contain the journal entries of the bitter and twisted harris. The pair also created a video , where they were dressed in trenchcoats and pretended to shoot a number of cheerleaders. This would later be re-enacted just a few months later during the massacre.
This incident laid the blame heavily on the games industry, particularly Doom. This is maimly because the game was origionally created for the U.S. Military to train their soldiers. What the people who so quickly laid the blame on games failed to recognise was the lack of massacres or attacks performed by the estimated 10 million players of that time.

Some also argue that gaming has a good effect on society. Some of these are:

Following instructions
Games encourage players to follow instructions, particularly in linear shooting or adventure games where one objective must be completed after thr other. This teaches players to accept this in real life, preparing them for working life or school.
Problem solving

Games, adventure games especially, often cotain puzzles and obstacles which can only be overcome in obscure and clever ways. This teaches players good problem solving skills, a vital skill in everyday life.
Hand eye coordination, motor and spatial skills

Through the constant use of controllers, keyboards and

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