What Characteristics of Women are Attractive to Men Essays

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What Characteristics of Women are Attractive to Men

Since the beginning of man and through the rise and fall of many different civilizations there have been differences of opinion on what makes someone beautiful, or more importantly what characteristics of women are attractive to men. The answer to this question is perhaps the billion-dollar question. I say this because the answer to this question is sought by women every day through billions and billions of dollars of plastic surgery, beauty products, and stylish clothing. Put simply, the main question that I am discussing is, are there some things that all women have in common that makes them attractive to men?

This question arises from the fact that
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So basically to Plato there was one great form of Beauty, or absolute Beauty. The beauty of a particular person is our starting point for discovering absolute Beauty. The ultimate goal in loving the beauty of another is for our soul to see the eternal Form of Beauty and to contemplate Beauty continuously. One can only assume that Plato believed that all women had something beautiful in common. It is this perfect Form of Beauty, which we as men all have a sense of, that men see in the things we find attractive about any women (Solomon, 654).

Plato’s view of an Absolute Beauty still holds merit today, but centuries later other philosophers would put less emphasis on beauty as an independent form. They thought of beauty being something that originated separately in the human mind. The philosopher David Hume wrote about this in Of the Standards of Taste:

Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty. To seek the real beauty, or real deformity, is as fruitless an enquiry, as to pretend to ascertain the real sweet or bitter. According to the disposition of the organs, the same object may be both sweet and bitter; and the proverb has justly determined it to be fruitless

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