week 7 assign Essay

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Assignment Week 7
DeVry University
Part I: Review the Skill Development Experience
1. Do the popular media approve of certain types of relationships and not others?
The media approves of many types of relationships. The media shows a close relationship with one another and other types as well. Interpersonal relationships are important to everyone and it looks like it is the top motivation for social media communication. Para social relationships are when audience members recognize themselves to have media personalities. Popular media approves of the six stages of relationships, which are: contact, involvement, intimacy, repair, deterioration and dissolution. It also approves the types of relationship: friendship, love, family,
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It also helps to identify if there is something wrong in the relationship and how it can be worked out. The rules of relationship help to maintain and develop a good relationship.
4. How do the media deal with the dark side of interpersonal relationships, such as relationship violence and spousal abuse?
Media deals with the dark side of interpersonal relationship by offering help online or on tv or anywhere. There is advertisement that gives out phone numbers and names of

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