Web Filtering Essay

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Web Filtering

As the Internet continues to grow, so do the vast amount of information and resources that are available. The Internet is the driving force of the information super highway. From online banking to creating your own company to getting historical information about the American Revolution, virtually anything can be found on the Internet today. But because of the mass amount of information that is available there is also material that is not suitable for one to see. From online pornography sites to how to make a bomb these are just the few types of objectionable subject matter that can be found on the Internet. But with the advent of web-filtering technology, a software product now could filter out web sites from ones
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Objectionable subject manner can be obscene/pornographic, sexual, violent, narcotic in nature, offensive in language/manner, types of religious speech, sports or entertainment related, or anything that is portrayed as disagreeable to ones interest or interest of others. Subject matter can range from written content to pictures or audio files.

Who are the major users of web-filtering software?

Web filters are most commonly used by parents, public libraries, and schools. They can also be found in the workplace on people desktops. In countries like China, where the government controls the communication medium, web filters are found at the point of Internet access, at Internet Service Providers.

Why the need for web-filtering?

There are many different reasons for using web-filtering software. Each reason depends on the user of the software. Public libraries use web filters to select the best available resources on the Internet to provide a safe environment for there patrons. Likewise, parents want to provide a safe home for their children. These parents want to prevent their children from viewing pornography or obscene content. In the business world, filters are put on desktops to prevent employees from wasting valuable company time when surfing non-work related web sites. The need for web-filtering is apparent; to control access to objectionable material on the Internet.

What are the different types of web filters available and how does each

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