We Need Stricter Laws for Gun Control Essays

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About forty years ago, teachers used to say that the worst problems in their schools were students chewing gum and talking during class. Wouldn't it be wonderful if those were still the biggest problems? Unfortunately, teachers now are struggling with many deaths of their students and maybe even their own children. The numbers of teenagers’ deaths increase everyday from gun violence. Students, particularly boys, who carry guns, are more likely to be involved in drug activity according to The Children Data Bank and more likely to have committed crimes with weapons. Likewise, girls who carried guns were more likely to report feeling threatened. Therefore, stricter law for gun control will lessen the insecurity of a person when holding a gun …show more content…
Rubin, a sociologist and psychologist. Because young people are managing to get their hands on guns so easily, the incidence of killing in Virginia Tech, when a student went on a killing spree could not be done “so efficiently and in such a large numbers without the aid of a gun” stated Lillian. Things will change when people start to make a stand. Stop guns from reaching teenagers, because teenagers today are more stressed due to all the influences around them which can drive them to make a decision they could not turn back. Surprisingly, the governments are likely to take liquors purchases privilege more seriously than privileges of firearm purchasing. In most cases, it is relatively more difficult to purchase liquors than firearms. Pennsylvania’s law stated that only adults ages 21 and up with valid Ids can purchase any liquor. Similarity, the legalize age to register for a firearms is also 21. In order to own a gun, one is required to have a permit or license to carry firearms, these permits are issued by a citizen local police. All these things must also be shown when a police officer requests a gun owner to display their license. The fact that the legalize age of firearms usage is 21, but now you often find a 13, 15, 17 years old packing AK-47 without registered to the police. (George Antasia, John Shiffman, and

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