We Must Stop Global Warming Essay

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It is hard to believe that a collection of human beings can cause destruction to an atmosphere changing the surface temperatures all over the world. Global warming is happening, but the debate between scientists, citizens, and politicians is who is causing it? Fifty years ago we could have questioned this and been skeptical about the findings, but now there is research showing how much of an impact we are putting on species, nature, habitats, and glaciers. Glaciers the sizes of buildings are simply disappearing beneath the ocean. Global warming refers to the recent and ongoing rise in global temperature near the Earth’s surface (Environmental Protection Agency). Greenhouse gases produced by transportation, energy, farming, …show more content…
Carbon dioxide from greenhouse gases are outweighing the effects from the sunspot cycles that are occurring every eleven years. The major effect that the sunspot cycles causes is a change in weather patterns. Sunspot cycles can not dramatically change the temperature of the Earth while fossil fuels burning can(Goddard Institute for Space Studies). There is also a growing issue of articles that are claiming that global warming is not caused by human beings. There is a problem with who is supporting these scientists conducting their research. Much of the research is backed by oil tycoons and large corporations that are funding millions of dollars to make sure that global warming is not blamed on them. They use the same techniques that tobacco companies use when they attempt to disprove the health effects of smoking tobacco. Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries, have funded over $67 million over the past 17 years to deny global warming claims (Greenpeace.org). A large piece of that money has been funded in the past 10 years as more research supports the claim of a human caused global warming. Berkeley conducted a study on surface temperatures and was funded $150,000 for their first phase of their research by the Koch brothers. Richard Muller lead scientist on this study once supported the global warming skeptics that humans could not cause this fluctuation

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