We Must Stop Global Warming Now Essay

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One of the most vigorously debated topics is the issue of climate change, the climate that all living things have come to rely upon is changing by the effects of global warming. What can we do to slow down this warming? How will we undo all the damage we human beings have created? While we are waging wars against each other or enjoying our luxurious life not bothering to lift a finger to help the world, the world as we know it—beaches, grasslands, forests, snowcapped mountains, giant chunks of ice caps—hangs on a thread, in danger of falling out of balance anytime.

What is global warming? What causes it to happen? Hence the name, global warming is when the whole world is heating up due to the effects of the gas in our atmosphere that
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The greenhouse effect is the the way how the gases trap heat on earth, much like the glass walls of a greenhouse, it traps traps heat from the sun and only lets very small amounts of heat back into space, and with the help of the white color of ice, they can reflect most of the infrared rays and sunlight back into space, creating a balance to secure heat on earth and not overheat it. Earth is warming, from the north to the west and anywhere else the effects of rising temperatures are appearing everywhere, and they aren’t waiting for us to slowly adapt, they’re happening every second! Signs are appearing all over the globe, and some of them are surprising. The heat is not only melting glaciers and and raising the sea level, it’s also shifting precipitation patterns and causing animals to migrate, trees are producing leaves in late winter, birds are laying eggs earlier, and mammals are ending hibernation earlier in spring.

With the warming we are causing, more and more of the ice is melting, this not only destroys the natural habitat of the penguins, sea lions, polar bears or other arctic animals, it also increases the surface area of the sea, causing less of the infrared to be reflected back into space and more heat absorbed by the sea. Global warming is a big environmental issue as it affects the world of nature and we are cutting down trees in order to make paper and clearing trees to house more people, this will mean less plants to cope with the CO2.

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