We Must Abolish Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Nuclear weapons are destructive bombs that get their explosive power from transforming matter into energy. Nuclear weapons are classified as chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction (WMD & WMDs). Many people have speculated that their extensive power used during wars could destroy human civilization as we know it. The nations of the world have long sought ways to halt, limit, and destroy these weapons of mass destruction and keep the use of them out of wars. The program of abolishing nuclear weapons should be carried out.

There are two types of nuclear weapons. Fission weapons, also called atomic weapons or atomic bombs, do so through (fission) the splitting of the nuclei of certain isotopes in the elements uranium and
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The combination destroyed 5 square miles of the city. The initial blast also created thermal radiation and infrared radiation that caused eye injuries and skin burns. An estimated 80,000 Japanese people perished from the blast effects or initial heat radiation from the Hiroshima bomb.
In addition to the blast effects from nuclear weapons, the nuclear bombs can create deadly radiation that damages the cells of humans and other living organisms, such as radiation sickness and sometimes death. People who survived nuclear attacks are found to have a greater chance of getting some kind of form of cancer.
Scientist has theories/hypothesis that if a war happens and hundreds of nuclear bombs explode, the smoke created from fires would prevent sunlight from hitting earth creating cold weather, bad harvests, and worldwide shortage of food. Scientist has named this the nuclear winter.

In 1949, four years after America developed the atom bomb, the Soviet Union exploded its own device. For the next four decades, nuclear weapons were a part of what became known as the “cold war” between the two superpowers. The Cold War dominated world politics after World War 2. Both countries engaged in an arms race to create larger and more devastating arsenals of nuclear weapons. In addition to larger and bigger bombs, both sides created rocket-missile technology to deliver these weapons.

Eventually the United States and

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