Ways Human's Emotions Prompt Motivation Essay

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Ways Human's Emotions Prompt Motivation
Emotions can motivation us every day and for different reasons. Depending on the person, the way emotions can prompt motivation can vary on the how much sleep one has or how they perceive the upcoming day’s event to prompt a feeling. With these difference, this essay will explore reasons why and how humans use emotion to prompt motivation. This essay will also give examples of how emotions relate to one’s life, community and/or career. Emotions is needed to prompt motivation.
Ways Emotions Can be Applied to Daily Life
In the process of addressing emotions in daily life, an example of working in a Homeless Shelter Program, one can imagine that there are many emotions experienced with dealing
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Ways Emotions Prompt Motivation in the Workplace The feeling of completing a task, the self-accomplish feeling that someone may have to be able to solve a problem, or help another individual can provide a self-reward emotion. With customer satisfaction, being recognized for a job well done and helping someone find a job, home, etc. may prompt more money, a promotion and personal enrichments. “There are many paths that can lead to personal enrichment: (1) Serving the local community, the country, or the world, (2) Self-development, (3) Self-indulgence, (4) Aesthetics, and (5) Concern for the environment” (Datta, 2010).
Emotion and Motivation help Influence Workplace Interactions and Behaviors
The way humans communicate and have to respond to coworkers, customers, families, etc. in order to establishing relationships, this allows us to work on our interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. “Elsewhere, Hatfield et al. (1994, p. 99) have suggested that an “awareness of the existence of emotional contagion may prove useful in understanding and perhaps advancing various areas of interpersonal communications.” (Hatfield et al, 1994, p. 99 as cited in Cox & Patrick, 2012). Emotions are important to allow humans to have self-awareness and to be motivated in order to improve on progressing as humans and how we treat other humans.
Emotions help to Motivate

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