Watson’s Human Caring Science Theory is Influencing My Practice

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To insure privacy, all patient names induced in this essay have been changed.

When I became a nurse, in my heart, I knew that I was a caring person; however, I did not have a caring theory driving my practice. After studying Watson’s Human Caring Science Theory, the theory is consistent with my values, which emphasizes a holistic approach with mind, body, and spirit through a caring nurse patient relationship in an environment that promotes healing, comfort, and dignity. Human Caring Science gives the privilege of viewing human life with wonder, respect, and appreciates small and large miracles, which allows the inner world of the patient and nurse to come together in a unique human relationship, in the here and now moment
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Manuelito often required the administration of blow by oxygen and sedatives to relieve the stress placed on his heart with crying. The first time I care for Manuelito, we developed a special bond – a bond that words cannot describe. Over the course of several weeks, when we were together, there was a sense of peace and harmony within his spirit. He would sometimes cry, however, when I held and talked to him, he became relaxed, breathed easier, and his color improved. Other staff members and volunteers could not achieve this sense of calmness without medical interventions. When other nurses were caring for Manuelito, I would offer to console him when he became irritable.

The nurses and his cardiologist acknowledged that Manuelito and I had a very special relationship. At this time in my life, I spent a considerable amount of time reading the Bible and praying on a daily basis. I believe that I transmitted my sense of spiritual peace and harmonious energy onto Manuelito bringing a sense of balance and harmony into his young life.

Caring Moments Sitzman and Watson (2014) describe caring moments when a nurse and another person come together with their unique backgrounds and “phenomenal fields,” creating a distinct moment in space and time that has a ripple effect in the life history of those involved in the “moment.” Caring moments involve both the nurse and patient making the

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