Essay about War Poems: Totoy’s War, State of Siege, and War is Kind

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“Totoy’s War” by Luz Maranan, “State of Siege” by Eric Gumalinda, and “War is Kind” by Stephen Crane

Throughout our history, both recorded and unrecorded, there have been countless violent battles fought. From small skirmishes to full on declarations of war, humans have been involved with battling on another for all the reasons that they have. The only thing alarming is that, as time and technology progresses, the number of casualties and collateral damage have been increasing as well. In addition, the implications to the human mind, brought upon by the excessive violence, can be equally damaging. With that being said, the psychological implications brought upon by war can be reflected in several art forms, such as poetry.
War poems
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The lines “Which side is winning, / Or being destroyed?” (Maranan 9-10) suggests that the ultimatum in war is that you can only win the war if you destroy your opponent. The persona then goes on to think about Middle East, and if anyone could explain the complexities of the decades of war and hate. The persona then leads more to the western part of the word, and talking about the “nuclear bombs in Europe” (Maranan 14) and the “extermination and massacre / In Central America” (Maranan 15-16). The poem then ends with two questions, ideas that the poem would like to convey. The first of which was more of a general question of who started the war. The other idea would be how a child, such as Totoy, react if the persona told him that even in the country that they live, war is near. The persona’s concern in “Totoy’s War” is more on the implications of war to a child. Totoy is supposed to be an innocent child, only concerning himself with playing, yet at his young age, he is already plagued by the fear brought by war. The persona is very troubled by this fact and it is believed to be the reason why the persona was contemplating about war. But what troubles the persona the most is how Totoy would react to knowing that even he is not safe from war, that war is in his country and there is not much distance between him and the war. The lineation of the poem, how the lines are short and abrupt, would suggest that Luz Maranan wanted to give heavy emphasis to each line,

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