Violent Video Games Increase Violent Behavior Essay

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Violent video games have been known throughout the years to take a powerful effect on young children and their aggression and psychological behaviors as they habitually play these types of games. There are many factors leading the federal government to believe that the gaming industry and retailers are not taking a strong enough precaution to prevent this type problem from occurring. Studies show that laboratories and field settings have proven that violent video games cause increased aggressive behavior in children and young adults.
Nothing is positive about the effects that violent video games have on children, but one positive factor has risen throughout the years. With all the tragedies and incidents involving the usage of violent
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(Rideout et al., 1999) Studies also show that 13.3% of college men played at least 6 hours per week with video games. Many states are trying their hardest to regulate the sale of violent video games to minors and manage the rating the games hold. One state in particular has taken heavy initiative on this issue. On October 7, 2005, California enacted a Civil Code, which prohibited the sale of violent video games to any juvenile under the age of 18. Under this prohibition, retailers who sell or rent violent video games to minors can be fined up to $1000 per violation. Punishing these retailers for breaking this prohibition code is extremely important in the deterrence of violent behavior resulting from children partaking in playing violent video games. The California government has heavily intervened in the sale of these games and the rating system the games have. 10 billion dollars a year in games are sold to American consumers which two in every three American household contains a video game player. The level of violence the video games today depict is concerning many psychologists, sociologists, and government officials. Some minors who play these viciously violent games are still developing and have adverse psychological effects on their ethical and moral standards and their personality.

Many myths and facts have been circulating around for many years regarding the issue of violent video games and the impact it has on

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