Violent Media: Does It Cause Violence? Essay

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Violent Media: Does it Cause Violence? Media is something used in the daily lives of society for entertainment. The media ranges from music, movies, and video games. However there is a lot of controversy over whether or not violent media promotes violence in real life. Most of society believes it is just used for entertainment, nothing else. Others believe, with the recent shootings and bombings, that the violent media links to theses events. Violence in media is just a risk factor that can cause aggressive behavior among observers. So to an extent, violent media does cause violence in real life; however, knowing the difference between reality and fantasy is also a factor. Music is a form of media that plays a huge role. Music varies …show more content…
Their music was about the life of gangs in Compton, California. One of their songs “F*** The Police” was a song that was used to imply the police brutality that the blacks in Compton received (Source K). The lyrics were vulgar but they had true meaning and expressed the ways that they were treated. They used lyrics to attack the police force. This goes to show that the lyrics were only used to get a point across. The lyrics were not intended on promoting physical violence to attack the police force of Compton, CA. Another notorious gangster rapper, Dr. Dre, formed his own record label. This record label was known as Death Row Records. Dr. Dre released his first album, The Chronic, under Death Row Records. On the album there was a song titled “Dre Day.” This song was meant for Dr. Dre’s former friend and partner, Eazy-E (Source K). The song was vulgar and contained threats to Eazy-E but they were just lyrics. Dr. Dre was expressing the way he felt about the relationship he had with Eazy-E, he had no intentions of physically hurting Eazy-E. Although some music contains violent lyrics, does not mean that those songs are trying to promote negative behavior. Songs are a way for singers and musicians to express feelings and political motivation. Another huge type of media that plays a major role in the civilization of today is movies. Movies range from various genres. Movies are used for entertainment and almost every movie contains some sort of violence,

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