Essay on Violence Against Women

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The media has become one of the main sources where people obtain their information from. This information can be taken in knowingly, or through subliminal messages. The media includes magazines, videos, commercials, television shows, and movies. Since, media has major influence over the public; violence being portrayed in the media is causing problems. Violence against women in the media has been happening for decades. The violence has been taking shape in many forms, as in emotional and physical violence. The types of emotional violence portrayed in the media include sexualizing, degrading, and treating women as less than human. The types of physical violence used in the media include hitting, slapping, kicking, sexual assault, and …show more content…
In the 1980’s media starts to become more sexualized. One controversial commercial done in the 1980’s was with Calvin Kline, and Brooke Shields. One of the major problems with this commercial was how a fifteen year old girl was being sexualized (Huffington Post, 2010). The advertisements done in the 1990’s sparked many complaints. This is when people finally started to complain about advertisements being inappropriate. Now, besides just being sexualized, women were also being objectified by becoming inanimate objects. The sexualizing of women in the media has become worse than ever. Commercials today show women either wearing nothing, or they don’t even show their whole body. They sometimes don’t even mention what they are selling. Companies feel that sexualizing a woman is enough to sell their product. The media is using sex to sell products, because people have realized sex sells. Companies will go to great lengths, leaving almost nothing to the imagination as to their intentions for the ads. In a textbook by Claire Etaugh, and Judith Bridges five patterns are identified about the representation of gender in the media, which helps confirm that violence of women are displayed in the media. The first pattern found was the underrepresentation of females in the media. This underrepresentation is happening in television shows for both children and adults, where the percentage of female characters is between

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