Essay on Viking Religion

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Ancient Civilizations:
Viking Religion

Aidan Gipp

Mr. Harris
May 29th 2013
Religion comes from religare, which means have a reunion. Aneel Baquer says that humans have a need to connect with others, the ability of myths and thoughts of religion is a desire that humans need to bond. In most civilizations, religion is the reason why civilizations are successful. Religion give, people a motive to survive or do what they do. Sometimes the religions actually make their civilization expand and even more successful. not only does religion give us a motive to survive. Still today, religion is one of the biggest factors in modern civilizations. In several religion motives are used for example, christianity. In
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Similar to the Egyptians, the vikings too had a unusual motive with their religion. Vikings believed that to have a better afterlife was to please the gods. What the vikings would do is attack cities and control them, to please the gods. Several battles continued and vikings were taught to do these because of their books. The vikings were taught by a book called the poetic Edda. This book told the stories of the viking gods, and gave them stories between what was good and what was wrong. In these books Vikings were told what was the right things to do and the wrong things to do. Some disbelieved the stories and had ulterior reasons for raiding cities. They would want to follow their admirer. Most vikings admirers were the Gods, the most favored god throughout norse mythology was Odin. Odin was the chief god and the reason why the vikings loved Odin is because of his warlike attitude. What was also fascinating about the vikings were that all their gods, were warriors. Odin, Thor, Loki, Frey, were the most known gods in Norse Mythology and all of them were part of wars. In all the realms there was always battles. Vikings believed that when heroes died in battle, they would become valkyries, vikings souls who fought with odin. All vikings knew how to fight, they were a warlike civilization. Due to this large success, you can see that the vikings had the ability to expand from one city to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the discovery Vinland

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