Views on Death in Ancient Greece Essays

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The war between the Athenians and the Spartans as written by Thucydides was a great one that no other that had ever occurred could be compared to, so says Thucydides. Thucydides views the preparations on both sides to have been perfect and that the Hellenic race was joining the war as well. He considers it the greatest faction yet recognized in history, of the barbaric world rather than to the Hellenes alone. From the second chapter of his book, it is clear that the war between these two groups was not to the advantage of the Athenians. They lost in the war and most of their people were killed. An ancestral funeral ceremony is performed to bury those who had died in the war.
The major theme that comes out clearly in the text is the theme
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This was a funeral ceremony that was performed in honor of those who died in war especially when they were fighting for the good of the state. It was a custom, which had been passed down the lineage by their ancestors. This shows that glory in dying in war was engraved in the Athenian society and that it had been there for a long time.
Secondly, the theme of warfare and death comes out clearly, when the author says ‘...any citizen or stranger who pleases, joins in the procession: and the female relatives are there to wail at the burial. The dead are laid in the public sepulcher in the beautiful suburb of the city, in which those who fall in war are always buried; with the exception of those slain at marathon, who for their singular and extraordinary valor were interred…’. This funeral was carried out and gifts were brought for their families. Wailing by women was also mandatory in the ceremony. From these bits and pieces, we can learn about the customs of war burials and the way the Athenians honored their war heroes. Moreover, we can deduct that the Athenian society was a war society and this is evident by the fact that every one participates in these funeral ceremonies honoring the Athenian heroes that died fighting for Athens and supporting the families of the deceased by giving them gift and offerings.
Moreover, the theme of warfare and the glory in

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