Video Game Violence: A Detriment to Our Youth? Essay

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Video games have changed a lot since the introduction of Pong in 1972. Violent scenarios have become a mainstay in the new era of massively popular video games. Just take a look at the $800 million Grand Theft Auto 5 earned in just 24 hours of its release in 2013 (TIME). Video games have become a mainstay in the American household with nearly 52% of households claiming that they own at least one console from the current generation in 2012 (Juba). With the magnitude of popularity that violent video games are facing these days, it is no wonder that they have come under great scrutiny by many social scientists and parents alike. The question that many studies are facing is whether or not video games have an adverse effect on the youth of our …show more content…
One of the motives for the shooting looked at by police is the fact that Adam Lanza was an avid participant in the massively popular military first-person shooter Call of Duty (Kleinfield, Rivera, and Kovalski). The reason violent video games are seen as a detriment to the youth of our nation's minds is because they have been looked as a tool for desensitizing the emotional tie to the act of killing another human being. With the influence that video games have on the electronics driven market of today creates a substantial basis for the research of its negative effects on children such as the studies performed in a recent Time Magazine article. Alice Park’s article for Time Magazine talks about how recent studies have shown that children that spend hours a day playing violent video games are far more aggressive toward their peers than children that do not play violent video games. Their studies show that nearly 90% of children play video games and more than 90 % of the games that children play involve violent scenarios (Park). The most recent study on the topic was performed by Craig Anderson, director of the center for the study of violence at Iowa State University, who concluded after working with 3,034 boys and girls that increases in aggression and violent behavior were found to be evident in children that played violent video games for extensive amounts of time (Park). Park also introduces a

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