Essay on Victorian Essentials Learning Standards

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Victorian Essentials Learning Standards (VELS) is a learning strand purposed to develop problem solvers out of learners (VCAA, 2009). Focusing on ways to communicate, comprehend and envision both ideas as well as information. With all intent of developing independent leaner’s, who can think for themselves as well as be creative when it call for it. On the other hand, Principles of Learning and Teaching (PoLTS) helps the teacher review lessons and assess whether learning has taken place, in so doing determining whether the set learning objectives were met, if not how could the learning be better improved to make up for it (DEECD, 2011). It has six principles with component parts.
Lesson 1 is a writing lesson. It is
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Not only were they able to write, they also managed to communicate their message in the process as well. For this reason, the intended learning outcomes were definitely achieved (ERIC Digest, p.2-3).
This experience has opened my eyes to the fact it is very possible for learners to enjoy a lesson and still learn nothing from it, more so if the lesson is interactive. This is easily so if the lesson is not well planned and objectives set are not elaborate or clear. Interactive learning is necessarily in need of a teacher’s guidance to ensure learners are able to benefit from the experience. They could as easily have fun and miss learning, or discover things that they may not be able to appreciate value (Cox et al, 2003; p.30).
Learners learn best when allowed freedom to conceptualize learning under supervision. The goal here is to point them in a direction and let them have fun appreciating what they can do using the power of their imagination. Creative writing allows them to freely express themselves with abandon (Jonassen et al, 1998; p.9-11). It is even more fun when they can use illustrations along with their writing as well. Young learners’ best express themselves in drawing, this helps them develop their motor and cognitive skills respectively, their affective skills not being left out as well.
The learners’ independence was mesmerizing. It was as if they were set on a trajectory and there was no stopping

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