Essay Vegetarians: Selecting Healthy Nutritional Choices

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A group of three female friends who are living off campus have approached us to discuss how to have better eating habits but within the limits of their budget. This will require an in depth assessment of the individuals which considers several factors. Once we have a baseline it is key to develop a nursing diagnosis that encompasses the issue at hand. Once that is done a plan can be put into place, involving the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning styles.

First a baseline assessment will be done concerning the clients. There are several identifying factors that may affect our client’s ability to learn and this will need to be discussed first. Typically younger adults exhibit ignorance and are still
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The North American diet typically incorporates high fat, high sodium, low fibre, and overall low nutritional value.
The clients feel that they need to find out ways to eat healthier under a tight budget. They feel the need to acquire information on avoiding malnutrition, finding support, and maintaining healthy diet and weight. To accommodate learning styles of the three individuals, it is wise to include an approach that incorporates visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic cues. Their motivation to learn is likely high because they felt the need to address the issue through health care professionals. However, there are barriers to their learning. The main barriers to learning are economically related because they have a low budget. Their lack of knowledge in nutrition may be too great to overcome while focusing on school. It is hoped that the clients get the most of the planned interventions given these barriers.

In relation to the circumstance as pointed out in the assessment, the diagnosis is correcting deficient knowledge in nutrition affecting health maintenance for three college student vegetarians, while being economically conscious.

Planning Objectives
Before explaining the objectives, a few requirements need to be addressed to meet the needs of these individuals in the learning plan. To accommodate these individuals’ school schedules, a nurse who works in the community will visit with them at their off campus

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