Vanguard Case Analysis Essay

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Vanguard Case Analysis

After reading through the Vanguard case, there were a few difficult forks in the road that Vanguard seems to be facing. The company’s future can be greatly affected by some of these difficult choices.
Vanguard has to decide whether to change their investment offerings, further develop Internationally, or to simply advertise to increase their client base. Top managers at Vanguard have to step up to the plate and rollout detailed plans as to what path the company should take regarding some of these issues. Through our in-class discussions, the majority of the students argued on one major problem that Vanguard was facing. The problem entailed Vanguards ability to increase future customers without
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As mentioned in the case,
Vanguard Australia managed more than $10 billion in 2002. This is not pocket change! There is money there and further International concentration would generate further revenues for Vanguard. Although it is not a key focus for Vanguard now, they should continue to attract customers in the International market.

Another issue facing Vanguard is simply marketing strategy. Their current strategy involves product-specific printed advertising. They have to increase awareness of their products. I myself have heard of
Vanguard, but had no idea what their product offerings were and what they were all about prior to reading this case. I cannot recall ever seeing a commercial on television advertising Vanguard. They should reach out to young investors like myself because that is what their core business strategy is all about. They are seeking long-term investors, which lies with people in their early-mid 20’s who are in the first few years of their careers and just starting their 401k’s and other future planning investments. As mentioned in the case,
Vanguard is thinking of a target marketing strategy, and I believe they should start with young investors in the first few years of their careers. With Vanguard being the lowest spender of advertising in their competitive set, it is truly hard to entice new customers to their business. Vanguard must do extensive research on market trends in the investments segment. They

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