Using "V for Vendetta" to Show Aspects that Make Up a Society

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Fictions are often used to examine more complex societal concerns as scene in the graphic novel and popular film “V for Vendetta”. “V for Vendetta” asks the question what exactly is the expectations of society? This topic is explored by using a fictional world to show the known and possible aspects that make up society and its ideologies. Humans have a strong desire to explore how one can better society. Because of this desire, “science fiction works, ‘V for Vendetta’ is often a strong indicator of how humanity may progress as well as how it relates to current political, religious, and social ideologies” (Alsford). Even though the film and the graphic novel are set in different time periods with different societal concerns, I believe that …show more content…
The consequence is that the nonsensical at the bottom...” (Horkheim & Aldorno) In other words, citizens who oppose conformity will be condemned by the government.
The film, in contrast to the graphic novel, takes place much further along in the future in the year 2038. Filmed in 2006, the story differs quite a bit from the original graphic. In order to avoid a civil war, the UK develops a fascist government. The film reflects new social concerns such as chemical and biological warfare. Their methods of gathering intelligence are much more sophisticated than in the original version. The two main characters of V and Evey are the same. Evey, however, have a larger role in the film and is presented as a bit older and less naive than her original version.
Form of “V for Vendetta”
The original comic was told through a series of black and white illustrations and published in anthology format. Later the comic was colored and published in one graphic novel. The original black and white illustrations were most likely symbolize what is right and what is wrong in society. I prefer the black and white form since it conveys a sense of mystery and darkness that fits with the character of “V”. I fell this was lost in the later version.
The film was shot with all the cinematic effects

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