User Interface Essay

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Introduction Information Retrieval (IR) is to represent, retrieve from storage and organise the information. The information should be easily access. User will be more interested with easy access information. Information retrieval process is the skills of searching for documents, for information within documents and for metadata about documents, as well as that of searching relational databases and the World Wide Web. According to (Shing Ping Tucker, 2008), E-commerce is rapidly a growing segment in the internet.
The future of economic competitiveness for most enterprises relies on entrance and active participation in the E-commerce. Furthermore, Dorner & Curtis, 2003 believe a common user interface replaces the multiple interfaces
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Regardless of e-commerce web page, thesaurus, dictionary and other information retrieval web pages also facing the same problem. This is due to lack of standard and controls over the development of web pages and how it should be structure and develop in order to provide easy access to users, synchronization and standardization of all web pages. There are several studies been done and suggested that the development of web user interface need to be standardize. The authors also have listed several guidelines of how the development of user interface should be in designing web pages. The technology acceptance model (TAM) identifies components of usefulness and ease of use that predict user attitude towards the design of user interface. Psychologically, graphic user interface influence user searching behaviour. Some users preferred a friendly user guide in doing their searchers. Some users love to have a lot of options and buttons to press so that it would be easier for them. The intelligent agent will do most of the work required in order to present the information to searchers. The only things they need to do are by inserting the key words into the search query. Searchers only need to play around with key words in order to obtain the desired results.

Objectives A good user interfaces to IRS is difficult to design. The design space is large and evaluation methodologies that go beyond the classical precision and recall figures are not well

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