Urbanization & Applied Anthropology Essay

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Urbanization is the process of life for many and the desired way of life for many others. Human beings both inhabit urban and rural areas today all over the world. Many people may be disappointed with the development of an increasing number of urban areas. Many peoples once rural areas are now swallowed up directly as cities sprawl outward. The effects of urbanization both positive and negative get examined in the following paragraphs. In addition, who is most effected by urbanization and who plays a role in preventing and/or properly planning development will also be revealed. Anthropology wears many hats in the world today. Human society gets impacted directly by the decisions made by countries or government agencies with the assistance …show more content…
Rural areas do not encounter some of the problems that urban areas do. Rural areas have less population, traffic, and pollution to deal with daily. Urban areas are classified based on population and land use; however, this can differ depending on whether the countries developed or developing. Urban areas become settlements over time. There are strategic plans laid out that with expectations to be followed properly. Urbanization is the process of building up settlements according to proper planning (Difference Between Urban and Rural, 2012).

Urbanization in and of itself requires a significant number of people to plan, develop, build, and maintain designated area. With that understanding, urbanization can result in positive and negative effects. There are some distinctive outcomes strictly seen as positive, some consequences that solely seen as negative, and some affects that have beneficial as well as an adverse effect, which coincide.
Economic opportunities lead people to urban areas and drives urbanization to continue to grow. Wealth can be found centralized in the urban areas and people come, live, stay in hopes of creating fortunes. Many jobs get created to build new homes and business. Once those new homes and buildings get constructed they need to be filled. Production is at heightened levels in urban areas. This includes products and services for the community as well as global market places. There is competition which

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