Urban Growth Case Study Essay

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Urban Growth Case Study

Newcastle was named after the Norman castle built in 1080 by Robert Curthose, who was the eldest son of William the Conquerer. But before that it was not called Newcastle. Its existence was first recorded around the first century AD, when the main island of the British Isles was part of the Roman Empire. The Romans realised that they had to control the crossing of the Tyne. And so they built a fort on the north side of the Tyne, and a bridge to link it to supplies and reinforcements in the south. The bridge was built around 120 AD and the Romans called the bridgehead, Pons Aelii. In the 17th century the discovery of coal started the
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Today however, Gateshead Quays is being converted into a truly unique arts and cultural space, unparalleled to anything else in Europe.

What have been the positive and negative effects of urban growth?

The positive effects of urban growth are that the city is now bigger and quite rich and able to expand places like the Eldon shopping centres. The Gateshead quays used to be unused and Gateshead Council and partners have decided to deliver a cutting edge, world-class arts, leisure and residential destination for residents and tourists alike. More than £250 million has been injected into the re-generation and 100's of new jobs have been created. Thus more jobs are found here and the city grows as more and more people flock to the city in search of work. However the problem with an urbanised city is that it is extremely big and may have a lot of traffic in the city centre and so more pollution such as noise, sound and air.

A lack of housing choice – increasing numbers of small households have increased the demand for housing, despite an overall fall in population, but Newcastle fails to offer adequate choice of housing type, tenure and cost. Housing choice is known to be a key influence on patterns of migration from the City. Surplus school places - those people moving out of the City tend to be young,

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