Upton Sinclair: An Author With a Successful Book Essay examples

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Just like every one else, Upton Sinclair was a complete unknown. He was born quite a while ago on September 20th, 1878. He was the son of Upton Beall Sinclair and Priscilla Harden, being born in Baltimore, Maryland. His father, Sinclair Sr., was an alcoholic who was also a liquor salesman. It was said that his father’s alcoholism shadowed over most of his childhood. His mother Priscilla on the other hand, was a very strict parent. As Sinclair became older, him and his mother did not get along very well. According to Wikipedia, Sinclair had told his son to stay away from her and never to see her for fear of a controversy.
When Upton Sinclair was about to turn fourteen years old, he entered the City College of New York. In order for
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In 1913, Sinclair had married again to a woman named Mary Craig Kimbrough. She was also a write, who had wrote articles about Jefferson Davis’ (Confederate States of America President) daughter. They were married until Kimbrough’s death in 1961.
Throughout his life, Sinclair had wrote as many as one hundred books in a variety of genres. His most well known book that most people seem to know is “The Jungle”, published in 1906. With this book, Sinclair had gone from a literary failure to a man who changed the meat industry. Before writing his well-known book “The Jungle”, Sinclair had went undercover in the Chicago meat industry in order to have some background information for the book. In his classic muckraking novel, Sinclair had desrcibed how disgusting, vile, and nausiating the meat industry was at the time. He had wrote in the book that the filth and guts that were all over the floor, were simply swept up and packaged as “potted ham”. This had disgusted everyone, even people to this day that read it. “The Jungle” was so popular that within a few months, the public were demanding reforms of the meat industry. Sinclair’s book had even reached president Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt was sickened after reading Sinclair’s book. It made him call upon Congress, which had created the Food and Drug Administration. For the first time, there were federal inspection standards for meat. “The Jungle” was considered and acclaimed as the most

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