United States' Involvement in Vietnam Essay examples

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United States' Involvement in Vietnam

In World War Two, Japan captured Vietnam, situated in South-East Asia, and part of the old French colony Indo-China, from the French. When they did the Vietminh, a Vietnamese resistance organisation, led by Ho Chi Minh was formed to fight against the Japanese. At the end of the Second World War Ho Chi Minh, who was a Communist, announced the formation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Yet, at the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences it was decided to split Vietnam into two. North Vietnam was to be under Chinese control, and the South would be under British control. However, in 1946 it was agreed that the French would be allowed to take over again. This led to a
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It was decided that the French troops would withdraw from Vietnam and the Vietnamese people would be allowed to choose whether to live in the North (Communist) half or in the South (Capitalist) half. In 1956 there would be a general election to choose whether the country should be united, and who, out of Diem and Ho Chi Minh would rule Vietnam.

Although Vietnam was over 9000 miles away from the USA they were threatened by the fact that Ho Chi Minh was the most likely winner of the 1956 election in Vietnam. This would mean Vietnam would be a communist country. Communism went against all of the USA’s political ideas, and they felt endangered by the way it was spreading, in the Soviet Union, China and from the Korean War. America first became involved, after the communist victory over the French in Vietnam. This, frankly, scared America, who felt that the world would eventually been taken over by communism, and something had to be done. By supporting the South Vietnamese government, the US felt as if they were helping to stop this communist take-over. In the Truman Doctrine and the ‘policy of containment’ it was agreed that the USA was not going to allow any more countries to turn communist, thus ‘containing’ the feared expansion of communism throughout the world.

The USAÂ’s first worry was that Ho Chi Minh would win the general elections in

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