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In my role it is important to continually improve my knowledge and practices. In health and social care ways of working and legislation as well as good practice are constantly changing. Therefore it is important to keep up to date with training and also any changes in legislation. This will enable me to deliver the best service possible to the tenants I support and also enables me to keep staff upto date with any changes in the way that we work. It also forms part of The codes of practice for social care workers to keep skills and knowledge up to date.
I believe that I should take responsibility for my own learning and development. I’m always looking for ways to improve my knowledge and aid
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For example I had to carry out a probation review for a staff member who had been under performing and despite additional training and support still failed to meet the standards expected. As a result I took the lead in carrying out his probation reviews and in terminating his employment. This significantly helped in my own development as I knew this staff member on a personal level outside of work. It taught me how to separate professional and personal feelings.
There are always tools to assist in my development both within the organisation and externally. My line manager has managed to source a management and leadership training course externally which I will be attending as part of my development. I have also registered with an employment agency to enable me the opportunity to work with different client groups, This will help me gain a better knowledge within my role.
When selecting oppertunites I need to bear in mind the following:
Is the training relevant to my role
Is the cost within budget
Is the training mandatory
What do I want to get out of the training
What I can offer the company once training is complete
Is the training beneficial to the tenants and staff team

When setting goals and targets for my own development I need to ensure that timescales are realistic and that my own needs are not impacting on the tenants and the staff that I support.

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