Essay Understanding the Meaning of Chaplaincy

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Understanding the Meaning of Chaplaincy

The word chaplain has many meanings and different connotations. Its early usage is of Christian origins. Usually a Christian priest was in charge of a chapel in a prominent institution. But throughout time especially in the last 50 years the word chaplaincy has taken a whole new meaning.

The influx of multi-faith immigrants has forced the nature of chaplaincy to reach out to other cultures and religions, such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Sikhism etc. unlike before, predominantly everything was very much exclusive to the adherents of the Church Of England.

In the modern world today, we see that chaplaincy work is not just confined to
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Listening also means to show full attention, to be completely receptive, but at the same time the client must feel completely satiated to his queries and questions.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was a very good listener. The Quraan describes him by the word "uzun" which is translated, as "he was all ears" which means he had all the time to listen to the needs of the people.

Having knowledge ================

Knowledge plays an integral role in a person's life. The Arabs have a saying, "knowledge is like salt in food" whether it be knowledge of Islam or any other religion. Knowledge in general is of utmost importance in the making of a good chaplain.

Sympathy ========

Sympathy is the backbone of chaplaincy work. One can never benefit from chaplaincy if the art of sympathy is not embedded in him.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said; " A man who shows no sympathy will never be a recipient of sympathy."

Professionalism ===============

Whilst upholding the understanding and sympathetic qualities, to be professional in ones field is very important. One must never show negligence or lacking in fulfilling the criteria of job-professionalism, be it in hospitals, prison services or in educational institutes.

The above are just a few dynamic qualities needed from the many

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