Understanding the Feminism in Susan Glaspell's Trifles Essay

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As I began reading “Trifles” by Susan Glaspell, I felt that it had an element of demoralization towards women. In addition to this demoralization, I felt that the imagery and tone elevated the image of the male characters to be superior to women in intelligence. As I read further I realized that the author was attempting to dispel this belief in male superiority. In fact, I felt that the author was illustrating that women are not inferior to men, but have the ability to be superior. Through my research into the context of “Trifles,” I strengthened my understanding of Glaspell’s goal to teach me the inaccuracy of the sexist belief that women are less valuable than men.
Looking further into the context of “Trifles,” it was clear that the
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As I have read other stories, poems, and plays in this class, I have found that writers generally create a setting in which they lived. Since Glaspell lived in the early 1900’s I felt it was safe to assume that the setting of her play “Trifles” was set in this time also. However, I decided to research further.
With the knowledge of the time in which Glaspell lived, I searched for a narrower time frame for the play and found that “Trifles” was published in 1916. In addition, I also found that the play was based on a crime Glaspell had covered for “The Des Moines Daily News” in Iowa (Smith). Dinitia Smith, of The New York Times, wrote an article detailing the life of Susan Glaspell. Smith states in her article that “Trifles’ remains Glaspell’s signature work, studied today in colleges and law schools as an example of gender bias.” This comment helped to strengthen my belief that the theme, or lesson, in “Trifles” was intended to illustrate sexist misconceptions and gender bias in the era that she lived.
Since “Trifles” was based on an actual event, I decided to research the life of the author a little more. I felt that grasping a better understanding of Glaspell, her writing style, and how she thought would bring me to a stronger understanding of her writing. Through my research I found many essays and articles that explained others reactions and thoughts on “Trifles”

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