Understanding Human Behaviour Essay

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Understanding Human Behaviour is critical to organisations. Self assessment and evaluation can have a positive effect on an organisation and this is used by many successful leaders.
Conversely, prejudice can be hurtful and destructive. Everybody within an organisation is responsible for reducing prejudice in their workplace and I will give examples of my own experiences.

This paper is made of two distinct sections. These two sections will look more deeply into the organisations we work in and try to understand the people that belong there. I will consider all aspects before making my conclusion and I will use examples along the way. I am also going to look at research that has been carried out to help me give a broader
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For a leader to be successful they first have to know themselves. Research has proven that the use of self assessments can help an individual to gain a greater awareness of the people and environment that is around them. One of the favoured approaches is to use the Leadership Steps Assessment (LSA) prepared by Clawson, McNay and Bevan (2000). This tools helps managers and leaders clarify their centre, find out what is possible, clarify what others have contributed, support others, check their relentlessness and celebrate progress. Once the assessment has been carried out it is important to evaluate the results to give you a better understanding of the leader you are.
Knowing one’s own personality is very important when it comes to gaining awareness about the people around you. The Jungian 16-Type Personality test by Marcic and Nutt (1989) looks at 16 personality traits by asking a series of questions. The answers are then given a score which finally places you into a category. As an example the results may show ENFJ which shows you to be charismatic, compassionate and highly persuasive. This would then help you to style your management around the different people you work with.
Sashkin and Morris (1987) came up with the “How charismatic am I?” assessment and it is a lot more specific and looks for certain characteristics that can help to identify charisma in leaders. The areas it looks at are: attention; meaning; trust; self awareness;

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