Essay about Understanding Clinical Solutions

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Introduction Medications: the part of medicine that deals with your health from outside. Millions of clinical solutions with different purposes are used in hospitals and domestics houses. The effectiveness of these solutions are going to depend on their chemistry. If an average adult takes a gummy vitamin complex supplement the vitamin in take will be almost insignificant. If that same adult takes a vitamin complex supplement tablet the intake of the vitamin will affect the body. What makes the difference? A gummy vitamin has as much sugar as a regular gummy beard sold at the grocery store, but the vitamin in it is sufficient for a child between the age of two and six. Tablet vitamin complex have a higher concentration of the vitamin …show more content…
These are classified in saturated, unsaturated and supersaturated. Saturated solutions means that the solute and solvent are in equilibrium. Unsaturated and supersaturated solutions are those solutions that fall under or above equilibrium, respectively. The saturation of each solution will depend on the solubility of the solute; it represents the maximum amount of solute that can be dissolved in the solvent dependent on temperature. Furthermore, solutions are classified depending on the state of the solute and solvent (Brown 519).
Clinical solutions have many usages such as pain relief, fight infections, fight diseases, correct body mechanism, decrease the concentration of an excess substance and supplement deficiency. Depending on the type of solution, the drugs are use for different purposes for human physiology. The following are the one most commonly used:
• Anesthesia gas: is a gaseous solution generally made out of nitrous oxide and oxygen that puts the body into a deep sleep in order for you not to feel pain (Becker 1).
• Antibiotic: substances used to kill bacteria, generally made out of other organisms that were tested to kill a specific infection (Antibiotic). These organisms are fermented and then isolated to form the drug. For instance, penicillin tablets are made out of the liquid secreted by a mold form in bread or fruits and mix it with magnesium carbonate. This is a liquid solute in a solid

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