Essay on Understanding Buddhism

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Throughout this course of this semester, I have learned a lot of the concepts within the traditions of Buddhism. The materials are defining what is and the centralism of Buddhism. I have seen and read the historical context in different regions of Asia that explains the origins and how it was used in today’s modern society. At the beginning of the semester, it was quite difficult to understand the basic core of this religion because I did not see the meaning or purposes of why they do certain things and how it was brought upon the society. These types of monks follow certain belief where they view the world to be, whether it can be influential or negative. Take two points of the world for instance poor versus the rich and intertwine it to …show more content…
Discipline within Buddhism is often referred to or called Vinaya, a structural tool used to end suffering. It was also another tool used to keep the religious belief in tact without any complication. Within Buddhism there are several types of monks that practice the same beliefs but in several different methods, but with the same goals. These types of monks can be ranged from wandering monks to laypeople to even monastery monks. So how does the concept of discipline tell the monastic practice and as well as meditation? Each of these types of monk has a different method toward obtaining enlightenment, which is a key role within Buddhism. Every person is different so each and everyone has a way to discipline him or herself. A forest monk alone and also known as ascetic monks prefers to study alone like a hermit. By placing themselves alone gives them the opportunity to not get distracted as easily. A method that eliminates the distraction that activates the sense of discipline to meditate. For monastic monk, they tend to study in a community of monks.
Monks have no personal support, which in a way to find security, meaning it allows the monks to find what is important in their life, and what is they really necessary in their lives. To keep this in mind, you can see the discipline being intact or self-inflicted by how they show their generosity and appreciation in good faith. There are four things that Buddhist offer: food, clothing, shelter and medicine. Monks

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