Essay about Underperforming Schools

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Veazie Street Elementary school has a complex and involved social culture with many different, often detrimental layers that can be studied through a sociological lens. Upon studying the Elementary school however, it is apparent that the school is significantly underperforming academically especially in their mathematic competencies. In order to completely understand the interaction between academically struggling Elementary schools and society as a whole each of the three theoretical perspectives of sociology must be addressed and evaluated. From a macro social perspective low performance schools can be viewed extremely differently but equally significant through the functionalist and conflict theories, and from a micro social …show more content…
This theory would explain that underperforming Elementary schools are a contributing part to society because they trigger other societal resources and individuals to come into play, which in turn will restore stability within the school systems. Once test statistics and grades are released from Elementary schools and it is apparent that they are underperforming, national and state level awareness and focus is placed on getting better qualified teachers, better supplies, and creating more conducive environments for students to learn and test. The functionalist perspective would agree that it is in the best interest and consensus of our Nation to work together in order to achieve what is best fit for our society, to which the comprehensive education of our young minds is paramount. Thus, underperforming schools and the counterbalance from the rest of society serves a manifest function to immediately better the performance of schools like Veazie Street, but simultaneously embed a latent function in the minds of students whom do not even realize will make them more successful, productive and active members of our society in the future. On the other hand, the Conflict Perspective takes a much different approach as to how it views social structure. Conflict theorists in a broad sense focus on the ever changing nature of society which is fueled by society’s emphasis on competition, conflict and constraint (Dias). As there are limited

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