Essay on Undergraduate Education in Advertising

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Undergraduate Education in Advertising

Next spring I will be receiving a bachelor of arts in journalism at the University of Arkansas from the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. My focus in journalism is in advertising and public relations. Most schools separate the advertising and public relations departments and some schools even place them in the business school. My degree in the journalism department has benefited me because my education seems to be more well-rounded than most college degrees. What criteria should be placed on a degree in advertising and public relations? By comparing my undergraduate education at the U of A to the same degree at the University of Texas at Austin (the previous school that I’ve attended),
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Advertising is an industry that makes billions of dollars a year. Because it is such a competitive field, it is often tough to find a job once you graduate. Therefore, it is essential that you have narrowed down your area of expertise by the time you interview for a job. The different areas of advertising include: account executives, creative personnel (including copy writers, artists, graphic/ layout designers), media planners, interactive designers(web pages), researchers and account planners. These positions are very diverse and it can be more beneficial to have talents and skills in more than one area, but typically one is more specialized in a certain area. Some of the most important skills advertising employers look for are good communication and writing skills, good time management as you will always have deadlines to meet, skills that pertain to the process of creating an advertisement, and being able to work well with a team or group. Most of these abilities come natural to someone, others are skills that are learned through a college education, yet others are achieved as experience in the workplace (whether it was from previous jobs or an internship). Most employers today seem to be looking for someone to do a specific task

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