Essay on Unamanned Aerial Vehicle Technology Analysis

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In the past few years, most new technology has greatly improved the everyday lives of the human race. From the medical field to transportation, technology has improved these field leaps and bounds from where they were as little as twenty years ago. Not only that, but many are optimistic that these technologies will only continue to improve in the future. There is one technology, however, that has not been so good along with the advancements in recent years. That technology is drones. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are aircrafts that are controlled remotely. These aircrafts can either be equipped with cameras for surveillance or they can be armed with weapons for attack missions. Drones augur to a future of apprehension …show more content…
Also these innocent people have to live with the constant fear that they could be attacked and killed by the drones at any time. (“Drones” Another repercussions is that these murders are just fueling the fire of other terrorists. The ones who witness the people that they know and love die due to the raiding drone attacks are more like to join the terrorists against the United States out of spite. There is evidence to prove this statement. In the terrorist group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, in 2009, there were about three hundred members. After the United States of America implicated drones in this region, that number has skyrocketed to seven hundred people in the year 2012. This has led to terrorist activity increasing in the area. A notable terrorist, the “Underwear Bomber”, who in 2009, attempted to bomb an American airplane, noted that the drone attacks from the U.S. were among the motives for his attempted bombing. The last repercussion is legality. There is a debate that these drone strikes are illegal because the operators behind the drones are not directly engaging with the targets. Also the people who the drones are killing are only associated with the terrorist groups. At the time of the attacks, they are not engaging in illegal activities. By the international humanitarian law, that is not a means in which they can be

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