Essay on U.S History I American Pagent Chapter 6 Vocabulary

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Chapter 6: The Duel for North America
1. Samuel de Champlain: an intrepid soldier and explorer whose energy and leadership fairly earned him the title, "Father of New France"; started establishment of Quebec in 1608 on St. Lawrence River; allied with Huron Indians and fought Iroquois for them
2. William Pitt: British general; also known as the "Great Commoner" and "Organizer of Victory"; switched British focus in war from West Indies to Quebec-Montreal area; led 1758 expedition against Louisbourg (first significant British victory); appointed James Wolfe for Quebec expedition, 1759; led to fall of Montreal in 1760 (no more French left in Canada
3. Antoine Cadillac: Frenchman who founded Detroit, “the City of Straits,
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Louis XIV: enthroned as a five year-old boy. He resigned for no less than 72 years (1643-1715), surrounded by a glittering court and scheming ministers and mistresses; took deep interest in overseas colonies.
9. Marquis de Montcalm: leader of French in Quebec who was defeated by English James Wolfe in 1759
10. Benjamin Franklin: published in his Pennsylvania Gazette the most famous cartoon of the colonial era (“Join or Die”); wise and witty counselor was the leading spirit of the Albany Congress.
11. George Washington:21 year-old surveyor and fellow Virginian who was sent to the Ohio Country as a lieutenant colonel in command of about 150 Virginians militiamen.
12. Huguenots: French Protestants; thousands murdered on St. Bartholomew's Day in 1572; granted limited toleration in 1598 Edict of Nantes; denied refuge in New France
13. Seven Years War (French and Indian War): French and British war over Ohio Valley (west land for British, link to Mississippi Valley holdings for French); started by George Washington in Ohio Valley in 1754; war fought in America, Europe, West Indies, Philippines, Africa, and the ocean; Britain and Prussia v. France, Spain, Austria, and Russia
14. Acadians: French settlers in Nova Scotia who were uprooted by the British (who had won the land and feared rebellion) in 1755; forced as far as Louisiana, where their 1 million

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