Types of Biofuels Essay examples

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Types of Biofuels:

Top five Biofuels used in the world-

1. Biodiesel
Biodiesel is an alternative fuel based on vegetable oils or animal fats, even those recycled after restaurants have used them for cooking. Vehicle engines can be converted to burn biodiesel in its pure form, and biodiesel can also be blended with petroleum diesel and used in unmodified engines. Pros: Biodiesel is safe, biodegradable, reduces air pollutants associated with vehicle emissions, such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Cons: Limited production and distribution infrastructure.

2. Ethanol
It's an alcohol-based alternative fuel made by fermentation and distillation of crops such as corn, barley or wheat. It is usually
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They are a much cleaner source of energy then conventional sources.

- As more and more biofuel is created there will be increased energy security for the country producing it, as they will not have to rely on imports or foreign volatile markets.

- First generation biofuels can save up to 60% carbon emissions and second-generation biofuels can save up to 80%.

- Biofuels will create a brand new job infrastructure and will help support local economies. This is especially true in third world countries.

- There can be a reduction in fossil fuel use.

- Biofuel operations help rural development.

- Biodiesel can be used in any diesel vehicle and it reduces the number of vibrations, smoke and noise produced.

- Biodiesel is biodegradable.

- They are non-toxic.

- They are renewable.

- Biodiesel has a high flash point, making it safer and less likely to burn after an accident.


- The capital cost is over 700 million dollars to develop secondary biofuel processes which would yield a better quality and more efficient fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions even more.

- Biofuels are neither carbon neutral or negative as all the processes which are used to create them such as transportation, fertilizer manufacturing, fuel used for machinery, et cetera.

-Some times the production of some

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