Turkey's Relationship With the European Union Essays

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The relationship between Turkey and the European Union (EU) represents a wide spectrum of concerns and motives relevant to both and carves the path for dense political and economic transformations in both political entities, directly impacting and revolutionizing the socio-cultural milieu and laying basis for fundamental movement in ideological and existential determinations outlining aims and ambitions central to both at all levels of their positioning as global and international actors which in turn directly influences internal politics and decision making processes.
The association between the two entities is a direct determinant of the increasingly relevant concept of regionalism wherein mutual interests drive political and economic
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Under the light of these outlined considerations involved in the enlargement of a region, the EU expansionist policy provides exclusionary and stringent criterions for inclusion into its political community. This policy is based on the principles of consolidation of commitments, fair and rigorous conditionality and good communication with the public, combined with the EU’s capacity to integrate new members. The EU has improved the quality of the enlargement process. In particular, greater focus is now given at an early stage to the rule of law and good governance.
The EU’s enlargement policy allows for a carefully managed process where candidates and potential candidates approach the EU in line with the pace of their political and economic reforms as well as their capacity to assume the obligations of membership in accordance with the Copenhagen criteria. Regional cooperation remains key and constitutes a central element of the Stabilization and Association Process .
Turkey views Europe, as a region promoting and guaranteeing its prosperity. This region is its major export market and predominant source of imports and investment flows. The importance of EU in economic terms is therefore paramount to Turkey, which has adopted export-oriented growth strategies. Economic exclusion from the regions

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