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The rapper known as Tupac Shakur,was born in 1971 in Bronx, NY. Tupac's struggles began early. When Tupac was young, his mother was a member of the organization known as "The Black Panthers." Tupac survived a hard childhood with a drug addicted mother and the rough streets of Baltimore, where they both moved. Soon after their move, Tupac would attend the Baltimore High School for the Performing Arts. This school is what started Tupac in his love of poetry as well as music. Tupac also began writing his rap lyrics here. Rap and music inspired Tupac but may have also been his downfall. This is how he ultimately became the Tupac Shakur that was, is and possibly may always be the most controversial celebrity there ever was.
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He was purely determined to make something of himself and prove everybody who said he would amount to nothing, wrong. From the first day he was alive he has had the cards stacked against him and now through music and rap he was beginning to rise from the ashes. Shakur got a gig with Digital Underground. Not a well known group at the time, but soon after his first gig he joined them. Digital Underground was soon Grammy-Nominated . Tupac Shakur sang in only one track on the album yet was a background dancer for them at concerts. Tupac continued writing poetry and rap during this time and the songs that he was putting together would later on proved Tupac's belonging. Tupac had his eyes on a solo career in which he could make, as he would say, "mad cash" so he could "buy my mom the house I've always promised her." He cut ties with Digital Underground in 1991. Through Tupac's poetry he let everyone know that he was sensitive underneath, you just had to look hard. Tupac's poems were mostly written about life. How he saw it, what he thought and what he felt about it. Noone ever paid attention in comparing his poems to his songs. When people say that "Tupac corrupts people by the messages he sends in his song," they never realized, when you add a beat and rhythm, his songs would come from his poetry in the first place. The beginning of Tupac's musical career was in 1992. This year was the year of Tupac's

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